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Become an accredited Flow Form Practitioner
Level 1 (for 0 to 6 year olds)

                                                                             What is Flow Form?

Flow Form is a new and creative modality that allows practitioners to use a combination of movement styles, and ways of learning, into order to create fun and engaging teaching programs.  Level 1 Flow Form practitioners use StoryTime to create a role playing Yoga, Dance (including BrainDance) & Tai Chi Qigong session to children 6 years and under.


  • Teach Flow Form, Yoga, Dance & Tai Chi Qigong to children 6 years and under. Or run your own mums and bubs groups to teach parents 
  • Learn to create your own lessons in the various modalities, as you earn your accreditation as a Flow Form Practitioner.
  • Use StoryTime & BrainDance as your foundation for creating educational mindfulness sessions that embrace social and emotional development through movement.
  • Have the children enjoy developing mind-body-spirit connections as they use their imaginations through role playing, games and class themes to practice the various modalities.
  • Run programs that give children an opportunity to sing; chant; practice reverence and gratitude; and preform metta moments.
  • Understand the pathways that the body can move through, which ultimately help scaffold higher order thinking skills.
  • Enhance your own wellbeing by discovering and developing your own style of self-expression through movement.
  • Receive an international accreditation to teach flow form, yoga, tai chi qigong and dance to young children.
  • Join our private group for ongoing access to support and teaching materials.

Email Elizabeth directly and ask for a free copy of our Flow Form Trip to the Moon StoryTime Session. 


Our Flow Form StoryTime sessions are also deigned to show our practitioners just one of the many ways we can run classes with young children.

StoryTime Sessions are designed to encourage physical, mental and spiritual growth through several pathways, including Braindance (patterns in breathing, tactile stimulation, core-distal, head-tail, upper-lower, body-size, cross lateral, and vestibular). Pathways for developing spirit and social and emotional wellbeing also include singing, chanting, meditation, reverence, group activity and role playing. This 10 week program is fun and interactive in a way that will engage belonging, being and becoming, regardless of their learning style.

This course is delivered online, and includes quizzes and assessments, through both theoretical and practical work, towards self-development within each modality (Flow Form, Yoga, Tai Chi QiGong, and Dance) and lesson building.

The course can be self-paced through an accumulation of 60 hours of training, consisting of your theoretical and practical work and assessment components.

Flow Form received international accreditation through IMMA

Accreditation through the International Mindfulness And Meditation Alliance

Flow Form was officially launched on the 20th of September 2020  through the Global Wellness Institute. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to gain accreditation for teaching different modalities to children, while also enhancing your own mental and physical wellbeing. 

Flow Form Level 1 will be followed by Level 2 and 3 over the following 12 months for students wanting to also teach older children and adults of all ages.

Click the link below to see course cost and/or to register today for this amazing opportunity.

There is no pre-requisite for enrolling this course.

The research behind improving mental and physical health using yoga, braindance and tai chi qigong


Research has shown consistently demonstrated that yoga improves the quality of lives in children. Yoga has been found to reduce anxietyimproves somatic awareness (internal listening); improves attention span; increase coordination; improves physical and mental wellbeing; improves sleep quality; boost immunity; encourages empathy; builds confidence; introduces children to mindfulness; improves memory; positively impacts behaviour; and so much more. 



Research shows that the
implementation of the BrainDance and Labans Movement Analysis improves wellbeing in multiple ways. Introducing children to BrainDance provides educational benefits, while bringing a creative
approach to the relationship between knowledge and action and human interaction. 

BrainDance provides a holistic development opportunity for students to assistant in the improvement in health and quality of life within their environment. 


Tai Chi Qigong

Research demonstrates that Tai Chi Qigong assists children to positively improve physical health and function; improve health; enhance the bodies coordination in both upper and lower limbs; improves concentration and reduces hypertensionreduces ADHA symptoms and foster emotional/ self-regulation; and Qigong helps decrease severity in sensory, behavioural, and language components of autism, and improve self-control, sociability, sensory and cognitive awareness as well as healthy-physical behaviour.


Mens Sana In Corpore Sano | A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body

When we teach children through working with the body and exploring its capabilities, we also show the mind mental patterns and pathways. The mind explores and begins to synchronise, or entrain with these physical patterns and pathways. Which the mind can then conceptualise and synchronise into patterns and pathways that promote the growth of social and emotional intelligence and high order thinking skills.

Who created Flow Form

         Elizabeth Mulhane  is the mother of 5 and grandmother of 3.

Elizabeth has over 35 yrs experience with mindfulness, meditation and various forms of movement, including dance, yoga. Over 20 years experience with tai chi qigong and wing chun kung fu (including 12 months of full time training). Her qualifications also include a B.Psych Sci (Hons), Sec Class, Div A. Thesis: improving wellbeing with mindfulness & sound. 200 hr Yoga teacher Training. Additional certificates in kids yoga; preschool dance; brain games; teaching with music; fine art and PG Cert mindfulness. Currently a student of Tai Chi Qigong; & PgD adv clin somatics and dance-movement therapy. 

Elizabeth is also the creator of the KOTUS Method and Mindful Smiles Day (May – 18) and offers accredited mindfulness and meditation teacher training courses. After created an 8 week internationally accredited course for teaching mindfulness to children (that incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework), Elizabeth went on to create Flow Form. 

Note: All teacher training courses have been accredited by IMMA (The International Mindfulness And Meditation Alliance) and you can find us on their website under accredited schools.


Elizabeth has made several guest speaker appearances and is passionate about maintaining and improve the wellbeing of our children

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‘Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim of human existence.’ – Aristotle